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STRAMMER is an international leading player in recruitment in Middle Management and Top Management, Talent Management and Outplacement across the Life Sciences industry (pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical equipment).

As the international leading player in the Life Sciences Talent Strategy since 2008, STRAMMER created the Full Talent Solution®, a unique solution built to help companies to face their always-changing environment. It includes Top Management and Middle Management recruitment, talent management and outplacement. Recruiters must anticipate and master these changes perfectly, understand the mechanisms and adapt themselves to their clients environment. We are present all around Europe in France, UK, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Germany which allows us to understand every regional specificities and work around it. STRAMMER is based on strong values reflecting benevolence. Indeed, we convey a positive image of respect, mutual aid, sharing and flexibility all around our work environment! Recently, our teams including the CEO, David Mercier, decided to meet every Tuesday evening on a football field, in order to share, all together, a moment of team spirit !