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Cluster Loss Prevention Manager, MEU Security & Loss Prevention in Frankenthal (Pfalz)

... Since opening in 1995, we’ve been advancing the boundaries of possible further and further. Today, we’re a Fortune 500 organization that relies on Amazon’s security systems and World Wide Loss Prevention Programs, in the ever...



Since opening in 1995, we’ve been advancing the boundaries of possible further and further. Today, we’re a Fortune 500 organization that relies on Amazon’s security systems and World Wide Loss Prevention Programs, in the ever-growing environments of our Fulfilment Centers, Distribution & Sortation Centers, Last Mile Facilities and any other off site facilities of the Amazon business.

The ideal candidate joins a Cluster of Fulfilment Centers and multiple other business unit locations and will directly engage with the local senior management teams, where they manages, coordinates and implements all aspects of our loss prevention strategy.

The Cluster Loss Prevention Manager operates with significant autonomy and discretion in a multi-location cluster and enables a team of Loss Prevention Managers and Loss Prevention Specialists to support the business regardless of business unit. In addition, the Cluster Manager is responsible for the Security and Loss Prevention contribution to crisis management planning and emergency response for the cluster.

The Mission
The Cluster Loss Prevention Manager will supervise a team to support the accomplishment of Amazon EU business targets and the strengthening of our brand, by effectively protecting against relevant threats and by handling security and loss prevention risks, exposures and losses that could:

  • Put our associates and our customers under jeopardy
  • Change the continuity of our business operations
  • Inflict damage to our tangible and non-tangible assets
  • Have adverse impact on our company brand and reputation
This will be achieved by:
  • Preventing related risks and vulnerabilities as early as possible
  • Intervening in unfolding incidents and exposures in order to minimize any negative impact
  • Investigating thoroughly security related incidents in order to identify and remove root causes and to prevent reoccurrence
Role Responsibilities:
Information & Intelligence
  • Liaising and aligning regularly with business and support functions to understand operational plans and to provide adequate risk management to enable those plan
  • Identifying, evaluating, and handling threats and risks within all business activities within their cluster
  • Analyzing incidents, incidents and intelligence to identify trends. Recommend and implement effective actions accordingly
  • Conducting, directing, coordinating and/or coordinating investigations of internal theft and fraud within the sites of their cluster while ensuring compliance with relevant Amazon professional and ethical standards as well as with local legislation
  • Sharing, reporting and/or escalating information and intelligence with relevant functions to ensure visibly and collaboration within the EU framework
  • Planning, hiring, and developing S&LP team members (managers and specialists) that will be sufficient, suitable and skillful to perform their tasks
  • Coordinating and recruiting ever-growing team of Loss Prevention Managers and Specialists
  • Planning, budgeting, and monitoring the implementation and performance of security guarding services within the cluster
  • Developing presence multipliers, by implementing training and awareness improvement initiatives for various levels within operations and support functions
  • Creating mechanisms to support on-board all new talents to the organization, and contributes to the growth of others by acting as a mentor, coaching and giving feedback to contribute to develop talent and support career development
  • Effectively prioritizing tasks and activities to ensure meeting customers’ needs
Means & Equipment
  • Supporting launches of new sites and ensures adequate physical security measures are being installed to meet standards and risk management requirements
  • Overseeing the planning, design, installation and ongoing maintenance of physical security measures to meet the operational needs and the risk management requirements
  • Identifying new solutions and technologies to effectively mitigate risks
Standards & Procedures
  • Communicating with business and support functions stakeholder the relevant group initiatives and programs, and obtains their commitment and buy in as well as feedback for improvement·
  • Ensuring compliance of the sites within the region with implementation manuals and policies.
Control & Supervision
  • Monitoring, reporting and handling compliance and performance of all relevant activities within the cluster, and ensures meeting goals, targets and KPI’s
  • Responsible and accountable for the planning, requesting, allocating, spending and monitoring of budgets within their cluster to ensure cost effective operations

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Frankenthal (Pfalz)
Transport / Logistik / Fahrer / Kurier, Sales / Vertrieb
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