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Front-End Engineer, AWS Billing in Berlin

... Job summaryThe AWS Commerce Platform — Catalog team is looking for a Front-End Engineer (FEE) to join our teams in Berlin or London.We are seeking software engineers focused on Web front-end application development, using the...



Job summary
The AWS Commerce Platform — Catalog team is looking for a Front-End Engineer (FEE) to join our teams in Berlin or London.

We are seeking software engineers focused on Web front-end application development, using the latest tools and technologies on the AWS ecosystem. A successful candidate will have a proven track record of turning customer needs into elegant, user-centric designs, as well as implementing those designs in the presentation layer by using smart, clean Web development patterns. UX Design experience is a plus.

As a Front-End Engineer, you will contribute to all aspects of an agile software development lifecycle, including design, architecture, development, documentation, testing and operations. You will push your design and architecture limits by building and delivering production-quality Web user experiences that are secure, accessible, maintainable, scalable, performant, and operationally excellent. Taking pride in both the technical and business contribution of your work, you will be given the chance to have a significant impact on our systems, our business, and our customers. You will design and implement new features, and be part of a team that is building the future of the cloud.

Key job responsibilities
* Help define the system architecture, own and implement specific components, and help shape the overall experience.
* Own and operate the systems that you build, based on real-time customer data and demanding service-level agreements.
* Collaborate closely with UX Designers, Product Managers, and generalist Software Development Engineers in the same team to help define the scope of the product.
* Contribute to planning, design, implementation, testing, operations, and process improvement as a member of an autonomous team.
* Take responsibility for technical problem-solving, creatively meeting product goals, and developing best practices.
* Design and develop Web applications using modern Web technologies like React, Redux, and our own public cloud platform including AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Container Service, AWS ElastiCache, AWS API Gateway, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), and AWS Step Functions.
* Write high-quality, efficient, testable code in TypeScript and JavaScript.
* Design Amazon-scale tools to facilitate internal business needs.
* Build highly-available, secure systems that deal with confidential billing data.
* Mentor and support the growth of other developers.
* Find out what it takes to engineer systems for "Amazon Scale".

A day in the life
Outside of working on some of the most impactful, cutting-edge technology in the world, what else can you expect when you join AWS?

Work/life harmony:

Every member of our team is an exciting individual with a unique life of their own. We know that work is only one of the many parts in our lives. Although we are spread globally across the world, we work together to accommodate a flexible set-up for all our team members. Some of us start the day early, while others prefer to come in late, and that’s okay, as long as we get enough time together to sync up and collaborate throughout a typical week.

On-call responsibility:

As a team, we all share on-call responsibilities. We don’t like getting paged in the middle of the night or on the weekend, so we work to ensure that our systems are fault-tolerant. When we do get paged, we work together to resolve the root cause so that we don’t get paged for the same issue twice.

Mentorship & career growth:

Our team is dedicated to supporting new team members. Our team has a broad mix of experience levels and Amazon tenures, and we’re building an environment that celebrates knowledge sharing and mentorship. Our Senior Engineers enjoy mentoring Engineers from non-traditional backgrounds through one-on-one mentoring and thorough, but kind, code reviews.

We care about your career growth and put a high value on work-life harmony. We try to assign projects and tasks based on what will help each team member develop into a well-rounded engineer, and enable them to take on more complex tasks in the future.

An inclusive team culture

Our team is intentional about attracting, developing, and retaining amazing talent from diverse backgrounds. Yes, we do get to build a really cool service, but we also think a big reason for that is the inclusive and welcoming culture we try to cultivate every day. We’re looking for new teammates who are enthusiastic, empathetic, curious, motivated, reliable, and able to work effectively with a diverse team of peers; someone who will help us amplify the positive & inclusive team culture we’ve been building.

About the team
AWS Commerce Platform (CP) provides the back- and front-end services that enable AWS Service teams to sell to AWS customers, as well as allowing AWS customers to purchase AWS Services and to understand and manage their infrastructure costs. Because we sit at the nexus of all AWS Services and end-customers, we work closely across all AWS teams to ensure that we offer a great customer experience.

The AWS Pricing Console is the User Interface for the Product Management teams of AWS Services to configure the behavior of AWS Billing for their services. This application is used to manage metadata for newly launching AWS Services, as well as on existing services to configure and launch new features and regions. It’s also the tool used to define the millions of price points used to bill AWS customers, across every geography, service, and dimension of metered usage. Our team has the responsibility to extend the system to enable AWS service teams to model their business per their unique needs, delivering a delightful experience in the platform within the platform, where the cloud gets built.

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