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Process Engineer, ACES Process Engineer in Pforzheim

... Job summary Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation. By submitting an application to this role, you will be considered for Site...



Job summary
Amazon is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer – Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran / Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation.

By submitting an application to this role, you will be considered for Site Process Engineer roles in one of the FCs mentioned below.

About Amazon

At Amazon, we're working to be the most customer-centric company on earth. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, and driven people. Amazon is one of the most recognizable brand names in the world and we distribute millions of products each year to our loyal customers. Our entire business works hard to delight our customers – from the second an order is placed online to the seamless coordination of that order behind the scenes, we strive to stay agile, fluid and intentional. That can be described in one of our core Leadership Principles, which is Bias for Action. This means that our teams band together, roll up their sleeves, and aren’t content with standing still.

Amazon Operations

Operations is at the heart of Amazon business. We are known for our speed, accuracy and exceptional service. Our buildings deliver tens of thousands of products to hundreds of countries worldwide, every day. In these key roles, you’ll come in to help us exceed productivity goals and deliver against our customer promises. Our scale is expansive and our presence is growing. Our goal is simple: to offer the world’s greatest selection of products and services with the world’s best customer experience. Whatever customers want, Amazon will find the means to deliver it. With your help, Amazon will continue to enable people to discover new worlds and implement innovation. This is your chance to make history.

The Role
Amazon is seeking Site Process Engineers to work in the Process Engineering (PE) team. The site process engineer for this role will be based in STR1.
The PE team is a group of operational leaders driving process stabilization, standardization and continuous improvement for the EU Customer Fulfillment Network. This team is essential to establish best in class network performance across all process paths, accelerate implementation of technological advancements and to strengthen the technical acumen and process knowledge for the operational leaders across the FC network. As EU continues to rapidly grow the FC footprint and infuse the organization with new talent, we need to ensure the operations teams are equipped with the functional expertise to successfully deliver expected gains for technology advances and network wide process improvements. The team would drive process control and shifting mean performance with the outcome of minimizing variation between shifts, building and region, to deliver strong OP performance. The team will work closely with the Amazon Customer Excellence Systems (ACES), specifically with Process System Engineering (PSE), ACES PM, launch teams, operations engineering and reliability and maintenance (RME) teams to improve the input metrics for each of the process paths by prioritizing and channeling resources to address gaps in these input metrics.
As a Site Process Engineer, you will have the opportunity to work alongside closely with the FC Operations while keeping high collaboration with Regional PEs and Process. As a Site Process Engineer, you will be responsible to deploy initiatives, build networking and relationship in the FC and drive compliance for the initiatives within an assigned timeline. This role requires the ability to demonstrate ownership for your initiatives, understand the initiatives in details, and influence to deliver meaningful results translating to tangible productivity and efficiency gains in your own FC. Some of the position’s key responsibilities include:
· Work on Variation Reduction identifying the top opportunities in the FC in comparison with the other EU FCs. Start from the bottom 50% processes, looking for the input metrics to be improved and implement the improvement action plan following the standard SIM templates.
a. Audit the execution of the standard actions with high focus on the ones related to the open SIMs, prioritizing the overdue ones.
b. Highlight the top and bottom input metrics from the day before in the daily dive deep and collect feedback from the local team which should not be only a bridge, but an update on the on-going actions to close the gap and help the site to improve.
c. Review the open SIMs on weekly basis, engaging the FC stakeholders to complete the suggested actions and reach the desired targets. After three weeks compliance SIMs can be closed in order to move the focus to new opportunities.
d. Use the EU PE Deviation Report, CBRS Dashboard and EU Variation Reduction to validate the results and reach the targets, generating financial saving based on the Tier 1 Input metric improvement.
e. Collaborate with the Regional PEs and the other Site PEs from the same region to clarify any doubt process related and leveraging on their level of expertise. Benchmarking initiatives are highly recommended to further reduce variation across the FCs.
· Work on Continuous Improvement with the FCEU
a. Drive network best practice improvement, leveraging local initiative led with local Ops and share them to PE Field for the review. Once approved the best practice will be officially added to the SIM standard templates for all EU. This process is fundamental to help the top 50% FCs to reach the BIC (Best In Class) through the SIM Variation Reduction process.
b. Strengthen the framework used to capture and scale FC innovation (Mean Improvement initiatives). New ideas and projects from the FC will flow through a standard process and presented to PSE for the review.
c. Make sure that the big projects / ideas from the FC (10M$+ WW saving) are uploaded in the OP1 Project Intake every year.
· Own the deployment of all the EU network initiatives assigned to the FC, making sure that they are executed with the right timeline, reaching the compliance. Support the FC to commit on test and pilot for the EU Projects in order to avoid delays and make sure that projects are then deployed and reviewed in all the EU FCs.
· Partnership with the FC Ops:
a. Join the daily Gemba on the floor with FC Leadership in order to stay aligned with FC top issues and Associate feedback.
b. Organize the weekly LSC Meeting with the FC Leadership updating the Team on EU Variation Reduction, EU Projects rolled out in the FC, FC Best practices shared at EU level and FC local initiatives eligible for test or pilot.
c. Support the Site Leader and the Senior Ops creating a strong relationship with them, which allows the Site PE to gain their trust and buy in for all the initiatives. Beside standard task, SPE can support Site Leader and Senior Ops on process related ad hoc tasks from the FC accounting for less than 10% of the working time.
· Be ready to support or lead EU Projects to expand the initial scope and coordinate more than one FC. This opportunity is really important to improve project management skills and to deal with external stakeholders.
· Ability to travel as needed within your area of responsibility. Domestic and regional travel estimate average: 0-10%. (Subject to change based on business need).

Please send your CV in English.

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