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System Development Engineer, AWS OpsWorks in Berlin

... Job summaryAre you passionate about web services?Amazon is looking for Systems Development Engineers to build, deploy, operate, and grow some of the biggest and most important software systems in Amazon Web Services. In this role,...



Job summary
Are you passionate about web services?

Amazon is looking for Systems Development Engineers to build, deploy, operate, and grow some of the biggest and most important software systems in Amazon Web Services. In this role, you will work with other systems and software engineers to maintain OpsWorks and Systems Manager products and services and make a positive impact on their reliability, security, scalability, performance, and TCO. You will achieve this by working on both Amazon wide initiatives and ones defined by your team, which ultimately has total ownership over these technical platforms.

Our team values the balance between your work and your life. We understand that employees have different lifestyles from one another and responsibilities such as daycare pickups, partners that work weekends, aging parents, need to visit the gym, daytime appointments and more. We try to provide an inclusive environment for everyone that allows you to work around these needs with the privacy you deserve. We are builder-operators of our services at AWS and have an on-call rotation where you’ll participate once every ~5 weeks. We are always striving to reduce our on-call load by ensuring systems are fault tolerant and that we resolve issue root causes so we don’t get repetitively paged for the same things.

We are focused on the growth and development of every member of the team. Under guidance from mentors both inside and outside your team, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the culture and direction of the entire OpsWorks and Systems Manager team.

This position involves on-call responsibilities, typically one week every ~5 weeks. We don’t like getting paged in the middle of the night or on the weekend, so we work to ensure that our systems are fault tolerant. When we do get paged, we work together to resolve the root cause so that we don’t get paged for the same issue twice.

Here at AWS, we embrace our differences. We are committed to furthering our culture of inclusion. We have ten employee-led affinity groups, reaching 40,000 employees in over 190 chapters globally. We have innovative benefit offerings, and we host annual and ongoing learning experiences, including our Conversations on Race and Ethnicity (CORE) and AmazeCon (gender diversity) conferences. Amazon’s culture of inclusion is reinforced within our 14 Leadership Principles, which remind team members to seek diverse perspectives, learn and be curious, and earn trust.

Come join a team of bright, passionate, and customer obsessed engineers who are having fun and making history from within a start-up like environment. We'd love to talk to you!

Key job responsibilities

  • Automate repetitive manual processes
  • Update tech platforms to meet expectations of AWS wide initiatives
  • Perform various system maintenance tasks including deploying software with zero impact and enhancing the platforms, pipelines and tooling that make this possible
  • Troubleshoot application issues, and drive resolution of root causes
  • Understand our platform deeply enough to propose high-impact initiatives for potential investment
  • Respond to customer cases (e.g. issue reports) as needed
  • Provide night time on-call support as part of a team rotation. This would be 1 week every ~5 weeks.
  • Diagnose and mitigate critical failures in high pressure situations (while on-call)

A day in the life
You will work within a dynamic team to maintain and improve the technical platforms that power the AWS OpsWorks line of products, including OpsWorks Stacks, OpsWorks for Chef Automate, OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise. A key part of your role will be driving updates to these platforms to achieve goals of AWS-wide initiatives as well as projects proposed by your own team

About the team
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the pioneer and recognized leader in the Cloud. Our web services provide a platform for IT infrastructure that is used by hundreds of thousands of developers and businesses around the world. These customers range from start-ups to Global 500 companies in financial services, healthcare, and technology. You will join a team primarily responsible for the AWS OpsWorks services. There will also be opportunities to work on projects in the AWS Systems Manager product.

AWS OpsWorks Stacks streamlines the effort required to deploy application components on EC2 and on-premises using Chef. In OpsWorks Stacks, customers model applications as Stacks (applications) containing one or more Layers (components). Customers then define the blueprint for these components, such as what instance type, AMIs, and volumes to use and what Chef Recipes to execute on instance start to ready it for service. Once the blueprint has been defined, provisioning and scaling capacity is a breeze. The service also provides an intuitive CX to help take actions on and gain insight into your applications.

AWS OpsWorks Configuration Management makes it easy to set up, operate and scale Chef Automate and Puppet Enterprise servers in the cloud. The platform also provides customers with a variety of workflow automation tools that simplify common use cases such as backup & restore, patching, continuous deployment, automated testing and more.

AWS Systems Manager is the operations hub for AWS. Systems Manager provides a unified user interface in which you can track and resolve operational issues across AWS applications and resources from a central place. With Systems Manager, you can automate operational tasks for Amazon EC2, RDS, and even on-premises instances. Systems Manager simplifies resource and application management, shortens the time to detect and resolve operational problems, and makes it easier to operate and manage your infrastructure at scale.

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