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Manager, Systems Development in Berlin, Deutschland; Deutschland, Europa

... EC2 Accelerated NitroAs an organization, we believe in making a big difference in people’s lives. We do so by building ground technology that enables innovation to solve complex challenges. We engineer pioneering virtualization...



EC2 Accelerated Nitro
As an organization, we believe in making a big difference in people’s lives. We do so by building ground technology that enables innovation to solve complex challenges. We engineer pioneering virtualization software that serves as the foundation to driving innovation efficiently, and nimbly. We influence the different layers of the stack, while attentively listening to our customers input. EC2 Accelerated Nitro is the organization that crafts and releases the hypervisors that power the EC2 Nitro fleet, and that drives the engineering parts of the EC2 Accelerated Computing business. We build highly operable quiescent hypervisors that provide near bare metal performance to EC2 instances. We also integrate hardware accelerators (GPUs, FPGAs, etc.) into the EC2 instance families to support advanced workloads, such as machine learning, high performance computing, inference or graphics processing.

Amazon is looking for an experienced Systems Development Manager, who will be leading a team of highly skilled Systems Development engineers who will be responsible for integrating EC2 Accelerated Computing instance families. Our Roadmap is bursting with opportunity for you to lead this team in solving intriguing challenges and tangibly impacting the customer experience.

You will be responsible for managing and delivering the roadmap for platform integration, automated test development, analysis of systemic issues, automation, dashboards, metrics, and alarms for the lowest layer of the Amazon Web Services software stack, improving the performance and stability experience of the EC2 Nitro Hypervisor, and directly influencing the customer experience for existing and new EC2 Accelerated Computing instance families for AWS.

If you have passion for people management, solid technical knowledge and want to build solutions to challenging problems that directly affect millions of people: there may be no better place than Amazon for you to impact the world!
· After joining, you will quickly become a key partner to the leadership team, where you will understand its core business goals and priorities.
· In the first three months, you will review existing processes and understand them.
· Throughout your job you will be guiding your team of 5-8 engineers to collaborate with internal teams.
· In the upcoming months, you will drive continual improvements to the efficiency and flexibility of the platform while keeping a high bar for security and availability. On top of that you will own key parts of the software stack that is running on most Amazon servers worldwide.

Key Responsibilities include:
· Manage the design and development of new software solutions supporting our internal teams.
· Lead and manage the team that drives organizational standards for operational excellence and resiliency
· Develop, communicate, and maintain project road maps
· Establish strong relationships with internal partners and peer stakeholders to understand and meet their needs while operating existing systems at a high quality
· Dive into details of issues, make technical contributions, and drive the delivery of products and software solutions.
· Focus on hands on development of your team. Mentor, coach and grow highly talented engineers. Train engineers on best practices and drive operational excellence.

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Berlin, Deutschland; Deutschland, Europa
Transport / Logistik / Fahrer / Kurier, Sales / Vertrieb
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