Backend Developer (m/w/d) in Koblenz

We build the most helpful, easy and secure digital tools to connect people and simplify processes. We looking for a Backend Developer for our team (m/w/d).


Your to do's

  • You Help us scale real-time communications :
    • new features for video conferencing
    • new features / improvising existing ones for messaging, surveys etc.
  • You develop within all parts of the stack:
    • Your job will be mainly focused on the backend, but you are always happy to help out with frontend development or code reviews
  • You can write beautiful codes:
    • You document well and see the importance of testing. Due to your previous experience, you are able to break down tasks
  • You help the team succeed
    • You communicate clearly and honestly so that effective and successful work is possible for the whole team, who does the same. That way we develop a shared understanding of immediate next actions and long term visions. When you don’t fully understand something, you ask lots of questions and use the opportunity to learn and grow. We, as a team, are here to help each other.
Current tech stack: 
  • Frontend: Vue.js, Webpack, SCSS
  • Web backend: PHP, Laravel, MariaDB, Redis
  • Infrastructure: Debian Linux, Docker, Nginx, HAProxy
  • Monitoring: Datadog, ELK, Loki, Grafana
  • CI/CD pipelines for code quality, testing, and deploying

Your Skills

  • You are passionate about writing well-structured code and systems
  • You have a PHP of minimum 3 years (OOP / MVP)
  • You are fundamental understanding of Laravel or Symfony and its concepts
  • You have experience with relational databases (e.g. Postgres, MariaDB) and ORM
  • You unterstand of HTTP frameworks and RESTful API design
  • Test driven development
  • Optional: Some experience in working with MongoDB, OAuth2 and Typescript

Your Benefits

  • MacBook Pro? Sure, with us too!
  • Ready for a vacation? With us you get 30 days vacation.
  • Do you enjoy pursuing your hobby and spending time with your family? We work flexibly and mobile!
  • Are you up for cool people and great team spirit? So are we and that’s half the battle!
  • Do you want to make a difference? Our jobs are sustainable AND have a real social impact.
  • Coffee not enough? We have an energy drink flat rate from our partner acáo
  • Water olé? Our office is right next to the Moselle, the city beach and the university including the cafeteria
  • After Corona: lunch together every lunchtime and regular team activities

Extra Informationen

Arbeitsstunden pro Woche
4 - 40
Veröffentlicht am
IT / Software-Entwicklung / Programmierung
Führerschein erforderlich?
Auto erforderlich?
Motivationsschreiben erforderlich?

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